TechNet - Login


1.Turn Phone on

2. Push "Main Menu" button



3. Select "Net" icon and push the "OK" button



4. Select "Your Bookmarks" link (option 7 on most phones) and press the "OK" button



5. Select bookmark "Technet" and press the "OK" button



6. Select link "CSG TechNet" and press the "OK" button



7. The Screen should state "Enter Tech Number" so enter tech number and press "OK"



8. The next screen asks "Enter Tech PW" - now enter tech password (same as tech number) and press "OK"



9. You will now "Select FC" (work area) - please select the number for your coresponding work area (2000-East, 4000-West) and press "OK"



When you see the TechNet "Main Menu" screen you have successfully logged into TechNet.



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